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"Tired of struggling to get your dog into the car or reaching under your bed to place your cat into a carrier?...If so, the visiting veterinarian may be your best option."

As a responsible pet owner your goal is to provide them with the best veterinary healthcare possible. Too often, your pet never sees the same veterinarian twice. Instead, the impersonal attention, the over crowded waiting room and the all too frequent appointment delays make a visit to the veterinary hospital a true ordeal.

Not every veterinary healthcare issue requires a fixed site veterinary hospital to address your pet's immediate health needs. There are numerous healthcare needs that can be met in the comfort of your own home and does not require the expensive and time consuming healthcare protocols associated with the veterinary hospital. Wellness visits especially, lend themselves

to the house call visit that we provide.

Every pet owners lifestyle is different. Think about it, why transport multiple children to a veterinary hospital for the sake of one pet when instead, the veterinarian can come to your home? Likewise, the flexible schedule of the house call veterinarian enables today's busy families the option of scheduling an appointment when the veterinary hospital is not available or open to the public.

Advantages the house call practice can offer:

  • Customized, innovative and reliable service
  • Freedom from the stress of transporting reluctant pets
  • Direct communication with the veterinarian (24/7)
  • Immense experience without an immense price
  • Cost effective fees for multiple pet households (wellness visits)
  • Personalized closure for your pet's end of life experience (i.e. euthanasia at home)

The Visiting Veterinarian

Your Pets First Choice"
Serving Fairfield County Connecticut
(203) 856-9900 ~ (978) 381-9666

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