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Client Testimonials

“Think me crazy but I am the proud owner of twelve cats. Without Dr. Kay's kindness and patience I could never furnish them with the care they need. He has been invaluable in helping my friends. His prices are fair and he always goes the extra mile for even homes with multiple pets.”

Abby E. - Bridgeport CT

“During the winter my three dogs contracted mange and I thought they would itch them selves to death. Fortunately Dr. Jeff Kay came to our rescue. He immediately diagnosed the problem, treated them and returned each week to give them their injections. The dogs are fine. Our household is back to normal and Doctor Jeff has our eternal gratitude.”

Jeff H. - Stanford CT

“When we had to make an end of life decision for our beloved dog Bear Doc Kay went over and above the call of duty. We drove to Bear's favorite hang out in the woods near our home where Jeff helped Bear to a peaceful ending. Naturally this is not the end of the story as our other dog, Jake, having been depressed from watching Bear slip away became distraught and rushed headlong into the woods and accidentally ran hard into a tree, gashing the top of his head. While all of us were ready to freak out Jeff broke the tension by saying, 'Don't worry, I Will just put this on your bill'. We took Jake home and doctor Kay stitched him up. We can never thank him enough for his help.”

Heidi P. - Fairfield CT

“I have a 20 year old orange cat who has been my constant companion. She never ventures out of the house and when she fell ill in the fall of 2010 I was extremely reluctant to transport her. I discovered Dr. Kay and was grateful that he made house calls. He came to my house quickly, diagnosed the problem, and furnished me with the proper medication. So ... now it is seven months later and I got to share a 20th birthday with Bisky, my cat.”

Christopher S. - Gloucester MA

Actual photo of Bisky

“My dog Ethel is prone to chronic ear infections. She also gets very stressed going to the vet. Dr. Kay came to my house and discovered the root of the problem was allergies. She has not had a problem with her ears since then and he set me up with a plan to manage Ethel's problem when it first starts to show its self.”

Mitchel M. - Manchester MA

Professional Testimonials

“As a solo practitioner I have always valued and welcomed Dr. Kay's veterinary medical insights. He has a "gift" for diagnosis and problem solving that has been of immeasurable benefit to my practice. He has also been very generous with his time when I have had "too many patients and not enough hours in the day." This spirit of "pitching in" has in large measure sustained our 16 year tenure which continues in a strong and vibrant manner.”

Westport Animal Hospital

“Dr. Kay has been affiliated with our veterinary practice for the past 14 years. Throughout this period we have found him to be an outstanding colleague and consistent contributor to our practice. Our clients have always welcomed and appreciated his efforts when he has been asked to perform a house call on our behalf. He has always brought a continuity of skill, care, and compassion that has reflected well upon us. Dr. Kay is a true 'team player', who places a premium upon professionalism”

Animal Hospital of Greenwich Stamford

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