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About Us

Dr. Jeffrey M. Kay "The Visiting Veterinarian" identified the need for consistent house call service over 15 years ago. Too often in the past, pet owners "signed on to" this concept only to be disappointed when the veterinarian whom they had come to trust and rely upon, either abandoned this form of practice or settled into a fixed site. Dr. Kay remains among the most consistent and committed house call practitioners, as he enters his eighteenth year, still availing himself to those in need 365 days a year.

he house call practice concept has proven many times to be a superior option in a host of situations, ranging from that 100+ pound dog that can't walk to the six cat household all requiring their yearly visit. Perhaps most meaningful, is the dignity, privacy and comfort that is afforded to a beloved pet about to be released from their interminable pain and suffering through the euthanasia procedure. Imagine the stress, anxiety and fear that the pet has been spared.

Our goal is to work one on one with the pet owner and the patient. Dr. Kay's clients always have access to him 24/7 and never find themselves communicating with answering services, receptionists or other lay staff. In addition to his constant availability, he maintains admitting privileges to several veterinary hospitals in the area, a network of specialists in a variety of disciplines, attends state of the art continuing education programs throughout the year and is highly regarded by numerous nationally known veterinary academic leaders.

Our Mission

Is to provide premium value to both the pet owner and patient alike, for all of their veterinary home care needs.

Value, Defined.

The classic formula for value is defined as:

Value = Price + Quality + Service

We will strive to provide competitive pricing,

the utmost in personal and compassionate quality of care,

plus timely, efficient, professional, and convenient service.

All of these factors contribute to a doctor who you can trust.

Meet Dr. Kay

A 18-year resident of lower Fairfield County, CT, Dr. Kay enjoyed a career that has spanned several disciplines including house call practice, emergency medicine, in-hospital clinical practice, corporate endeavors and academia. He is the author of numerous publications and has participated in several post-doctoral programs since graduating from veterinary school.

For more information contact Dr. Kay at:

(203) 856-9900

Servicing Fairfield County Connecticut

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